About Us

Acker Enterprises is a privately owned limited liability Swedish corporation

Our consulting services focus on building trans-Atlantic business relationships, primarily in the Defense and Security markets

President and Chief Consultant


Bruce Acker

Rydbobergväg 2B, 18494 Åkersberga, Sweden
Phone +46 72 188 0881

Leadership, Making Connections

Business Development, Strategic Assessment, Customer Relations

Three decades of military and leadership experience, founded on advanced technology, high priority operations, and large scope budget challenges, culminating in broad international experience. Comfortable engaging at the highest levels and equipped to understand technical, operational and political challenges in order to find the right partners and the right solutions.

Consulting and Business Leadership

President and Chief Consultant, Acker Enterprises AB 2015-Present

Senior Consultant, Rote Consulting 2011-2015

Corporate Board Member, ÅACMicrotec AB, Sweden 2012-2015

Corporate Board Chairman ÅACMicrotec North America Inc. 2014

Military Diplomat

Defense Attaché Sweden 2007 – 2011

-Represented the United States Secretary of Defense, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Government and Armed Forces of Sweden.

-Led US technical dialog with Sweden to support investigation of North Korea for an unprovoked attack and sinking of a South Korean naval vessel. Sweden’s concurrence lent invaluable credibility to investigation findings and world condemnation.

-Initiated reprioritization of combat cargo aircraft bound for multi-national war effort in Afghanistan to enable Swedish relief supplies and medical teams to rush to Haiti earthquake.

Air Attaché, Malaysia 2003 – 2006

-Represented the United States Secretary of the Air Force, and Chief of Staff of the Air Force to the Malaysian Air Force.

-Paved the way for US disaster relief efforts for 2004 Tsunami through Malaysia. Coordinated US Air Force access to Malaysian bases, enabling nighttime operations in stricken Ache Indonesia, doubling potential deliveries of relief supplies.

Professional Space and Missile Operations Officer

Deputy Lead for US Air Force Space and Missile budget planning, 2000-2002

-Developed plans for an $8 billion per year, 6-year program to integrate operational requirements, budget and procurement realities, government directives and interoperability imperatives. Oversaw Air Force programming for Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, Space Launch, Missile Warning, Satellite Operations, Space Communications, Navigation, Space Surveillance, and Space Control.

Commander 221 person Missile Squadron 1997 -1999

-Operated, defended, and oversaw maintenance of 50 Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missiles.

-Recognized as outstanding Air Force Missile Squadron 1997.

-Produced high quality leaders--provided more instructors, evaluators and other leadership focused officers to higher echelons of command than any other squadron.

Office of Secretary of Defense Staff, Acquisition Oversight 1995 – 1997

-Organized Defense Department initial procurement decisions on $3 Billion Space-Based Infrared Satellite System, the future core system for space based missile warning.

-Coordinated Defense Department reply to Congressional inquiry into possible copyright and patent violations. Diffused potential lawsuit jeopardizing billions of dollars invested.

-Department of Defense lead for researching commercial alternatives to future government satellite operations. Laid foundation for future infrastructure investments.

Missile Warning Operations Officer 1992-1995

-Operations director and second in command for a 400 person, deployable, independent, survivable nuclear command and control node. Operated and defended the President’s only survivable means of detecting enemy strategic missile launch and nuclear detonations.

Aeronautical, Astronautical, and Electrical Engineer

Lead Operational Engineer, Global Positioning System 1988 -1992

-Led aggressive system optimization of coverage in the Middle East, making possible daring nighttime navigation in the empty Desert of Iraq during the First Gulf War.

-Oversaw development of operational procedures for on-orbit operation of the first 10 operational Global Positioning System Satellites.

Assistant Professor of Astronautical Engineering 1985 – 1988, US Air Force Academy

-Taught Astronautics, Thermodynamics, Spacecraft Design, and Engineering Design to third and fourth year university students.

-Recognized as outstanding Instructor in Engineering Design 1987 for leading student research into space-based tracking of rocket launches from their ultraviolet radiation signature. System designed and built on schedule, within weight limits, and saved $285,000.

Flight Test Engineer, Program Manager 1981 – 1984

-Coordinated and led ground and flight testing of radar, electronic countermeasures, target, and weapons evaluation systems on all operational fighter aircraft types in the US Air Force inventory.

-Led ground and flight test of innovative interferometer-based passive augmentation to an F-16 combat aircraft air-to-air radar, foundational technology for today’s Active Electronically Scanned Array radar technology.


M.A. Strategic Studies
Air War College, 2000

M.S. Electrical Engineering
Air Force Institute of Technology, 1985

B.S. Engineering Science
US Air Force Academy, 1981


English - Native Speaker

Swedish - Professionally proficient

Norwegian – Good

Malaysian - familiar, formerly fluent

Additional Skills

Commercial, Instrument, and Instructor Pilot, Airplane and Glider

Own, maintain, and command 42ft ocean-rated sailboat